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this is very good, I wish there was more, please make another remake or sequel, I can't find any other sonic monk or buddhas!

very good, one problem! the moon is cheese! please fix!

very good art, however whats going on with his back, or neck maybe

something in this makes me feel uncomfortable

JLuisJoni responds:

Could be how I drew shoulder area, maybe I screwed up something there.

i love super sonic!
do you know whats even better?
hyper sonic!

JLuisJoni responds:

Yeah, but Hyper ain't in Sonic 2, so he ain't here. :P

Maybe if I decide to do a redraw of the Best Ending from Sonic 3K, I'll draw him there.

his face looks not right, hmmmmm please FIX it doesnt have the right face, it looks like teenager face, like an angery rage quit idk how to explain, but i know that isnt his face LOL

overall every else is good, or maybe the knees? did you struggle making it?

i suggest thinking of the nee caps like knuckles or even closed fist

JLuisJoni responds:

You mean Broly's face? I just went by the official model sheets and tried to exaggerate it like the animators often did in the movie. I'm a sucker for over-the-top expressions.

It wasn't so much a struggle with the knees, but it was a little late when I was doing it, so I was admittedly a bit tired.

Noted, will do.

nice art!

one problem is, people always do their anime racks like basket balls, they look hard as a bowling ball.

they are like water balloons. or fome

I might sound weird but, you can feel art in 3d or 2d

just by locking/day dream

basicly you can feel how hard or soft it is

the way how to make something soft is by adding more details
it like a pot of strew, will it be slimy or hard as clay?

it depends on how much detail/and shape.

i think this is called inner feeling kinda like inner voice in your head.

not everyone can feel art or realize it, its like touching concrete by just thinking about it without putting you hands on it.

i hope this helped!

wow ELON MUSK 2.0!

very good art, however try using a rose or even a dog next time would be good.

you could even try a beer can

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